Weva awards 18 results biased?

21 January 2019
Czech Republic, Prague, Táboritská 1000/23, 130 00 Praha 3
○ Cooled down, but questions remained. I reviewed all 200 + works in the main category, although I participated as a judge in it-awards, ru awards and balkan. Very strange results, it seems you haven't watched much of the works. Some of the winner jobs are really weak. Valuation rules, too, apparently not all judges read. How can a video with music win in the Best videographer category?
○ Evaluation guidlines apparently, too, not all judges't read The 'best young specialist" participated in the previous award and previously received awards. How he got into this nomination, is not clear. Many would like to see marks from judges on all works to understand why they have this score, and where do we go from here. There is a suspicion that perhaps someone did not even vote. For me, this competition is losing relevance.
Videographer Fonvi Studio
Moscow, Russia


    • Videographer Evgeniy Romanov
      Привет, я не совсем понимаю к кому именно претензия. Мною также было отсмотрено много работ и я с чистой совестью могу сказать, что просматривал работы внимательно и оценивал максимально не предвзято. К сожалению, в WEVA Award 2018 я оценивал лишь в двух новых номинациях, поэтому по поводу Best videographer category ничего сказать не могу. За свои оценки несу полную ответственность, там действительно было много слабых работ, за которые я ставил 1-2 балла, но также были и сильные, яркие работы, причем в разных стилях, за которые я уже ставил 8-10 баллов.
      По поводу рекомендаций у меня тоже возник вопрос, но удалять видео из категории не было в моей компетенции. Бывало мои ролики при участии в конкурсах удаляли из-за неправильных категорий, и вот при оценке я часто натыкался на такую ситуацию, ролик абсолютно не соответствовал категории или вообще не имел никакого отношения к свадебному видео, однако повторюсь, удалять я их не мог. Понимаю ваше негодование, но такие вопросы скорее нужно задавать администрации сайта. Уверен, они во всем разберутся и сервис вернет свой статус. Для меня WEVA -единственное место, где есть личностный рост.

      Hello, I do not quite understand to whom exactly the claim. I also reviewed a lot of works and I can say with a clear conscience that I looked through the works carefully and evaluated as much as possible without prejudice. Unfortunately, in WEVA Award 2018 I evaluated only two new categories, so I can't say anything about the Best videographer category. For their evaluation are responsible, there really was a lot of weak work, which I put 1-2 points, but were strong, bright and in different styles, which I've put 8-10 points.
      About the recommendations I also had a question, but to remove the video from the category was not in my competence. Sometimes my videos with participation in competitions were removed because of the wrong categories, and here when assessing I often came across such a situation, the video absolutely did not correspond to the category or had nothing to do with the wedding video, but again, I could not remove them. I understand your anger, but such questions probably need to ask the site administration. I am sure they will understand everything and the service will return to its status. For me, WEVA is the only place where there is personal growth.
    • Videographer Al Agua Cinema
      Hi everyone. We don't really understand the complaint, but we wanted to clarify that the judges were allowed to vote on a limited amount of categories. We, for example, voted only for SDE, Engagement, Cameraman and Save the date. You can actually check the score every judge gave to each video. It's all there. We can't speak for the other judges, but we made a real effort to be fair. As to valuation rules, maybe WEVA should add "disqualify" button for videos that don't fit the rules. I hope this response answer some of your concerns. Best! Al Agua Cinema team (Priscilla & Diego).
    • Videographer Victor Popov Film Company
      Коллеги, поздравляю вас с вашей честной позицией. Я поздравляю вас с мужеством, чтобы выразить это. Я полностью разделяю ваше разочарование.
      Более того, я считаю, что ваша позиция раскрывает лишь небольшую часть пороков в организации конкурса.
      А как насчет сайта? Является ли “Видео дня” честным? Является ли рейтинг честным? Правила честны? Есть много серьезных проблем, но администраторы сайта и их друзья не заинтересованы говорить о них. Я написал много раз. Посмотрите на тему "Totally unacceptable" на форуме. Я указал на грубые нарушения. Нет результата. К сожалению, коллеги не заинтересованы в этом. Они сосредоточены только на выпуске новых и новых видео. Вот почему ваша позиция еще более ценна.
      Поздравляю вас еще раз!
      С наилучшими пожеланиями,
      Виктор Попов

      Dear colleagues,
      I congratulate you on your honest position on the competition. I congratulate you for the courage to express it. I fully share your disappointment.
      Moreover, I believe that your position reveals only a small part of the vices in the organization of the competition.
      And what about the site? Is “Video of the day” honest? Is the ranking honest? Are the rules honest? There are many serious problems, but the administrators of the site and their friends have no interest in talking about them. I have written many times. Look at the topic "Totally unacceptable" in the forum. I pointed out drastic violations. No result. Unfortunately, the colleagues are not interested in this. They are only focused on releasing new and new videos.
      This is why your position is even more valuable.
      I congratulate you once again!
      Best regards,
      Victor Popov
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