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Pracuješ sám nebo máš tým? Řekni nám něco o sobě nebo o tvém studiu.
Frankly speaking I am not quite sure that it is possible to reach a desirable high level, shooting video alone. Due to certain circumstances I had to work without any team or to have first time shooting video with a new colleague (I would say it is merely the same). That is why I truly appreciate people being my permanent colleagues for the last couple of years. With these people you do not need any intercom because all shooting processes are already debugged, clear and brought to automatism. Some one or two gestures may intelligibly explain that my camera battery is low or it is necessary to check sound record level and change lenses. This feeling of calmness and confidence in my team gives me an opportunity to do my job with pleasure. To my mind it is a guarantee of a good result.
Jak dlouho pracuješ jako svatební kameraman? Kde pracuješ (kancelář nebo doma)?
I am a wedding videographer for about six years. I started working as a video editor after first university grade at 2007. At first I was told about Adobe Premiere hotkeys C and V, how to use cross dissolve and capture tapes. I watched some wedding movies and had my first editing task. I had to study really fast. After few weeks the high wedding season started, and I had 2-3 wedding movies a week in my schedule. I remember that my first salary 200$ per month seemed quite enough for me.
I am an adherent of office work. And because I am a very disciplined person, it is not hard for me to make myself edit at home. But it seems for me that my home is only for coziness and leisure. Moreover, during high season when I work for several months with no weekends and short lunch breaks, the way to the office and back is the only opportunity to walk and breathe fresh air. Also, to my mind having a meeting room in the office is a big deal.
Jak jsi se dostal k tomu stát se svatebním kameramanem?
I never had any defined idea to become a videographer. My boyfriend started working as a wedding photographer in one of the most popular event agencies of our city. He has been working with no weekends. So I was really happy to find out that a new vacancy was open in his department. By the way, I still planned to graduate from the university, find a considerable job and make a career. Then I started to realize that my new occupation suits me well. Moreover, the whole world started using dslr cameras and wedding videography appeared to become more like a sort of creativity than craft. When capturing my old Sony tapes I watched Stillmotion’s and Joe Simon’s videos, admired, felt envy and dreamed to edit the same way. From that time I’ve learned and discovered a lot for myself. But I feel that I certainly have much space to grow and heights to aspire.
Co je nejoblíbenější část tvojí práce? A jakým směrem se ubíráš mimo natáčení?
The favourite part of my job is to give a finished dvd-box to my clients, have a feedback and to exhale. The thing is that all process of working on a certain project between the very first call and dvd-box decoration makes me feel uncalm. I am a super-responsible person, I got used to rely only on myself and I worry so much when something goes wrong. That is why I truly feel easier when all work is done and clients are happy.
At the moment I am entirely keen on wedding videography and I plan to develop in this direction for the next couple of years.
Myslíš, že pokud WEVA sjednotí nebo propojí všechny dobré lidi v oboru, může to zlepšit práci kameramanů jako takovou?
I suppose that studying the event videography starts from watching our well-known colleagues videos. I usually adhere to the rule not to watch any poor-quality videos. Much more useful is to analyse and carefully investigate what do real professionals do. Every new good movie gives a certain thrust, reveals an idea, shows something you can learn. To my mind all our occupation seems to be an adoption. The thing is to adopt the best. It might be possible that some of my colleagues in Russia discovered different great professionals from Europe only with the help of EEVA (and vice versa) Many videographers have unique vision, fresh point of view, use new color and methods. It is interesting and important itself. I'd be happy if EEVA could reach the development of fair competition and support objectivity of ratings.
Co si myslíš o výsledcích cen WEVA?
The results surprised me, I’d compose rating in a very different way. A lot of good videos still remain unnoticed.
Chtěl bys něco vzkázat svým kolegům?
Whatever you do, do it well. Moreover, do it the best way you can and you will always find some work. Let this work bring you pleasure!


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