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17 декември 2017 г.
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19 март 2017 г.
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Победител в Битката на седмицата
2017, април 12 — 18
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31 март 2017 г.
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Видеограф George Zorbas
Атина, Гърция
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Брой победи
в Битките на седмицата
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Grow Old With Me

It is all about love! Love motivates us, makes us strong, make us believe that we can achieve everything in our life! Most of the time we close our eyes and imagine what we wish for. Jen and Agam are one of those people that open their eyes and have what they wish for, what they dream of, they have each other!
The wedding took place at the beautiful and unique Middleton place, one of the oldest gardens of the world. Trees, lake, house with stone and wood, animals like horses, even an alligator. It was a paradise! We lived at the inn at Middleton place. A unique hotel that has one of the best architecture that I have ever seen and it is blending amazingly with the nature of this place.
Jen and Agam, your love is unwavering! Thank you for this amazing experience and the opportunity to film this remarkable and beautiful wedding! Always be well and happy, as I met you in Charleston SC!
DP / Director / Editor: George Zorbas
Assistant cameraman: Elias Intzes
Sound Design / Mixing: George Zorbas
Shoot with Canons DSLR 6D, 5D mark iv and Canon Lenses
No Drone use, only tripods, monopods and handheld.
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