Видеограф Tapio Ranta

WEVA интервю със сватбен видеограф: Tapio Ranta (Хелзинки, Финландия)

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WEVA интервю със сватбен видеограф: Tapio Ranta (Хелзинки, Финландия), фотография номер 1
WEVA интервю със сватбен видеограф: Tapio Ranta (Хелзинки, Финландия), фотография номер 2
WEVA интервю със сватбен видеограф: Tapio Ranta (Хелзинки, Финландия), фотография номер 3
Сам ли работите или имате екип? Раскажете за себе си и своето студио.
I usually work alone, but I also have assistants and second cameramen when needed. Sometimes especially in church I use an assistant. I also do a lot of corporate videos and event videos as well.
От колко години сте на пазара за видео заснемане? Къде работите? Имате ли офис или цялата Ви работа е чрез интернет?
I have done wedding videos for over 10 years. I don't have my own office or studio, but customers come mainly through internet or recommendations.
Как се роди идеята да станете сватбен видеограф?
It seemed like a good way to practice videography skills, but then I got hooked. :)
Коя част от работата Ви е любима? Освен видео заснемането, още какви направления на бизнеса развивате?
I think my favourite part is when after the wedding I sit down to my production computer and start going through the material. I usually transfer to a flow state and my creativity starts to sparkle with ideas how the film should be built. But I like the other parts as well. Maybe paper work associated with being an entrepreneur is not my favourite thing...
Как мислите, ако WEVA обедини всички най-добри колеги, може ли това да направи нашата работа по-добра и ще помогне ли на видеографията?
It is really great that we have this place where videographers from all around the world can meet, see other's work and share ideas! We have needed a site like this for a long time!
Какво мислите за резултатите от WEVA Award?
The level of competition is really high. There are SO many great videographers out there with unique styles and creativity. I think it's great that we have this kind of award and it also helps to spread the word about wedding videography and share ideas and success. But of course, in the end, it is the customer satisfaction that is the ultimate award for us.
Бихте ли искали да кажете нещо на своите колеги?
Keep up the good work!
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